Michael BunDi

Where It All Began

Michael BunDi is a Kenyan singer/producer who has catapulted himself into new generation of Reggae-Afro-Fusion artist.

His eclectic vibe and emotional style, is about to send a shock wave into the industry!

Michael sings in three languages, Swahili, Merian and English. He also plays Piano and Guitar. 

His earliest memories of his gift to sing 

was when he was wrapped in Kanga

on his mothers back as they began to walk their daily path. 

However, with the guidance of his father a music teacher who spent a lifetime teaching Michael fundamentals of instruments and vocals.  Michael was given the tools to embark on his musical destiny.

Michael BunDi is also a Depression survivor who feels the need to heal others through his music. So ride with him on the

Michael BunDi experience!

" Wisdom"

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